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MianHae Super Junior

For Minniem and Minhae's fanfictions and Many Things

Mianhe KPOP community
Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated
eunhae, fanfic, hanbum, kangteuk, kihan, kyumin, shindong, sichul, super junior, zhoury

Rules :

Kim Minniem
Lee Minhae

1. mianhe_suju is a closed community. We're not letting anyone without permission post any entries. All of the entries are from selected members and owners Minniem and Minhae.

2. Anybody can join us without approval. But can't post in the community without approval.

3. If there are interesting site or spot anyone/members want to promote in our community, please feel free to contact our administrator Minniem and Minhae.

4. Please credit the stuff anyone/members get from our community for every publishing.

5. No stealing.

6. No flaming.

7. All of our fanfics are copyrighted and all authorized by Minniem and Minhae.

8. We totally despise antis, so don't like don't visit.

Membership Requirements :

1. Love super junior including every members of suju.

2. People who put positive interest in super junior.

3. Make sure that you're not one of super junior antis a.k.a our enemy.

4. For anyone who wants to join us, please make sure that you love super junior or both of super junior and other asian celebrity.

Donation Rules :

1. If anyone/members have anything about super junior to donate (photos, videos, scans, musics, informations, updates, ect. we accept donation) please feel free to contact our administrator Minniem and Minhae trugh PM or email at: mianhe_ds@yahoo.com also please give us your livejournal link. We will give credits.

2. If the stuff comes from certain resource, please tell us the resource.


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