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16 September 2009 @ 08:43 am
Our Forum (edited)  
Hello everyone!!


Go to Mianhe_Forum trough this portal

Starting from now, if you want to share your fanfics or fanarts please post them to the forum. To see the content, you need to register an account. If you have LJ account please register with the same username or ID you used for your LJ account. We also open discussion to many issues and share things as always. We offer free access for you and easier post system in our forum. It won't be as complicated as the community since we're using a close access. You may share anything.

We also want to remind you about Shindong's birthday project submission. Since the time is getting shorter you may submit your submission as fast as you can. Remember, we have prize for yor participation. All the stuff about Shindong's birthday project can be read here. We hope all of you can support us. Please be ready for Donghae's birthday project since we're going to make a fanfic project instead of virtual birthday card.

That's all for now.

We're looking forward for your full support.

Thank you.

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